What's up team! 

Let us start by thanking everyone who’s joined the Last Rep family so far. We’re so very grateful for your support and look forward to getting to know each of you more as this relationship grows! 

In an effort to further connect our influencer family, we decided to start publishing a monthly newsletter highlighting some areas of interest. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Recapping The Month

June was wild. We felt it was appropriate to take a hiatus from making posts around Last Rep specifically, and focus on the greater, more pressing issue in America - racism. The country is in the midst of turning a long overdue corner of equality for minorities and putting an end to historical racism. Our hope is that you’ll remain safe while making a difference. Let’s not fight hate with hate, let’s win it over with love. While the victory will take time, we feel it's important to breath some positivity back into the community which is why we plan to have our entire ambassador team in full swing making monthly posts as usual. 

Covid 19 you ask? Wear your mask, wash your hands :) 

Influencer Highlight

Shout out to Sarah Teng and her baking skills! Check out her other page @eatwithteng on Instagram for some really great content that will make you hungry! 

Welcome New Ambassador

Please welcome Donovan Alanes to the team! Donovan comes to us from California and is wildly passionate about teaching. He’s got an incredible background in the marching arts and posts some super cool music that he writes. Go follow his page on instagram @drumsforall  Welcome Donovan!

Current Events

With the cancellation of the 2020 DCI season, our support is more important than ever. There’s a great campaign happening now called #MarchOn where you can make a donation of any amount to help the corps for the 2021 season. The truth is, the majority of corps run on a shoestring budget and things are incredibly lean at the end of a season. If you have a few extra bucks, consider making a donation!

New Designs

In the near future, we will be launching a few new products and we would love to get your initial feedback from our prototyping phase. 

Dogtags:  These will be section specific dogtags with a customizable colored silencers. The initial prototype includes only percussion and colorguard. We need feedback from you all if you think expanding these to all sections of marching band would be a good idea. Let us know!

Friendship & Guard Women's Cropped Tee: Some of the most resounding feedback we have heard from customers were 2 things. 1- Add more women's cropped apparel and 2- Add more colorguard items--thus the Friendship & Guard Cropped Tee was born. This shirt is a mauve colored flowy crop with our logo on the front and our friendship and guard design on the back. 


Back Design:


Social Content Ideas

As we move forward together, we wanted to provide ideas and themes to help you all stay connected to the marching arts and engage with us on social media. Each month, we will have an easy theme that everyone can join in on. The idea is to make it quick, simple, and fun!

For July, we want to see that glow up! We would love to see our ambassadors create a side by side of two pictures, one of you from either middle school or early high school and a most recent one of you performing or teaching showcasing your glow up. Everyone loves a good glow up and Lord knows we’ve all had one! 

We're looking forward to growing together and staying connected to all of you.

All The Best,