What's up team! 

Let us start by thanking everyone who’s joined the Last Rep family so far. We’re so very grateful for your support and look forward to getting to know each of you more as this relationship grows! 

As you all know from the group text we sent out, our Instagram was disabled for almost a month. We still never got a reason for Instagram as to why, but we thankfully got it cleared up and are looking forward to building our Instagram page and fostering a community. 

Recapping The Previous Month

August, while still not “normal”, didn't feel any worse than prior months and for that, we’ll consider it an improvement. We’d prefer not to belabor the topics of Covid or societal tensions, but instead focus on some really cool stuff happening within the company right now! We had a great photoshoot last month to showcase some new items and give us more content moving forward. While it was literally pushing one hundred degrees, and everyone was drenched in sweat (trying to look cool), everyone had such a great time seeing old friends we’ve met over the years through the activity. The day was truly humbling as some of these folks we’d not spoken to in a year and were willing to devote their entire Saturday to supporting Last Rep. It was a sincere reminder of how this activity brings people together who you’ll probably carry a friendship with forever. 

 Everyone in the above photo marched Infinity percussion at one point in time!

Influencer Highlight

We wanted to show some love to Joe Meacham. We’re always so impressed with his drumming videos (dude has hands!) and an overall positive page. Also, he’s got a great picture of him looking fresh drinking some red wine #boujee. Thanks Joe!

Welcome New Ambassador

The family grew a little more last month too - Please welcome Jake Murillo! Jake is a quad drummer out of Louisiana with an incredible background. Like the rest of you, Jake was incredibly easy to connect with and we quickly exchanged experiences from being involved in the activity. Little factoid here (Colton's favorite word when he wants to sound smart), Jake has recently begun pursuing a modeling career as he has a passion for aesthetics and design. Welcome Jake!  👏

Current Events

Winter Guard International recently put out a statement announcing that they will be giving groups competing in the 2021 season a "choice of offerings" by the end of the month. No other details have been released yet, but we remain optimistic that the season will be continuing in one shape or another. The link to the full announcement can be found here

Social Content Ideas

For September, since it's the hottest month ever, and what would be the end of the DCI season, it seems appropriate for a little nostalgia. For the September post theme, the goal is to post a picture of your water jug you used on tour or indoor, and what memories it brings back when you see it!. In your post, ask others to comment and add a picture of their water jugs too!

We're looking forward to growing together and staying connected to all of you.

All The Best,